URANIUM DIGITAL Freedom to create tokens

Create your own decentralized tokens with airdrop and token burn functionality. Through our digital platform, without programming knowledge, paying a small commission for the service. In January 2022, placement of 20% of URAN tokens on the pancakeswap and TigerCoin exchanges at the price of 1 URAN = 0.3 $



Create your own token without programming skills

Our platform is aimed at creative people who do not have programming skills but wanted to create their own independent financial assets. Thanks to the advanced functionality of the platform, you can create your own token, verify it, enable distribution functions, pre-sale, and referral system. All platform functionality will be available after the pre-sale of the token. Also, the fact that the token is limited, the listing price on the exchange will be 0.3 $ now, this token is sold on the 2000 URAN airdrop, you can buy it for 0.01 bnb.

  • Burning tokens: this function will allow you to burn a small commission of tokens from each transaction, making your token more valuable
  • Token pre-sale: You can write the number of tokens that will be offered for pre-sale by adding this function.
  • Token Airdrop: Thanks to this feature, you can put up some part of your tokens for free for distribution.
  • Token Referral: This is a good feature for those who want to include a marketing system in their projects.
  • Additional functions: You will also get a video support for the correct compilation of your tokens.
  • Launch planning: The launch of the site is planned after the listing of the Uranium token. April 2022.



is the best for your ICO

The transaction speed of the URAN token will be faster than all other similar tokens and more profitable than all other tokens because the Token is based on staking

Fast transactions
Smart tokens with functionality
Reliable partnership with the DUST Network project

Create your smart token

Uranium Digital services

Token burning function
Pre-sale function
Airdrop function
Bonus reward function

All URANIUM Digital Token Events


August 2021

Creation and development plan of the site for the URANIUM Digital platform.

August 2021

Creation of official pages on all possible storage networks.

August 2021

Launch of a large-scale Airdrop for the distribution of free tokens and pre-sale tokens

August 2021

Creation of partnerships with the DUST Network project. URANIUM will be included in all DUSD Network projects as a payment token

January 2022

Listing 10% of URANIUM tokens on the pancakeswap exchange at the price of 1URAN = 0.3$

February 2022

Listing 10% of URANIUM tokens on the CoinTiger exchange at the price of 1URAN = 0.3$

Mart 2022

Creation of a platform on which people can create their own tokens with the function of airdrop and token burning without programming skills. Payment for the services of the service is carried out through the URAN token and the DUSD Network partner token.

April 2022

Connection of the URAN token as a payment method in the poker games, which will be carried out from the country of the DUSD Network partners.

May 2022

Listing URAN token in the DUSD exchange platform

June 2022

There will be a draw of 10,000,000 cryptocurrencies between 10 people who are the largest holders of the URAN and DUSD Network token.

Weight detailed Functionality of the URANIUM digital platform

The main functionality of the URANIUM platform

Burning tokens

This function will allow you to burn a small commission of tokens from each transaction, making your token more valuable.

Referral Marketing System

This is a good feature for those who want to include a marketing system in their projects.


You can write the number of tokens that will be offered for free distribution by adding this function. You can also write How many tokens a person receives when they announce the distribution

Fast transactions

By launching your tokens into our platform. You do not need to master the complexity of programming, knowledge of languages, etc. You get a ready-made quick launch code. And full video instruction for further verification of your token.

Token pre-sale

You can write the number of tokens that will be offered for pre-sale by adding this function.


The launch of the platform is planned after the listing of the Uranium token. April 2022. But this date is not final. The site may be launched ahead of schedule, it all depends on how the stage of creating the platform will progress.

Pre-sale 0.01 BNB
Price Listing pancakeswap
Price Listing CoinTiger
Airdrop URAN

Official Social networks

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Uranium Digital

Token Information

Information about the Uranium Digital token

  • Token name:URANIUM Digital
  • Ticker Symbol:URAN
  • Token decimals:18
  • Contract:0x2eD72c04b517fa0Aa964790EBA9718864bdafbaa
  • Starting Price Pre-ICO:2000 URAN for BNB 0.01
  • Pancakeswap listing price:1 URAN for USD 0.01
  • CoinTiger listing price:1 URAN for USD 0.01
  • Maximum number of tokens:1,000,000,000 URAN
General description

URANIUM Digital was released on the basis of the bscscan platform and has been verified and fully complies with the Bep20 * standard.

Now the token is eligible for the airdrop, click on the CLAIM AIRDROP button to get free URAN tokens.



Breakdown of our Token Recipients.

URANIUM Distribution

URANIUM Distribution
Allocation of funds

Total token supply - 1,000,000,000 URANIUM

  • 40% Presale: 400,000,000 URAN
  • 10% Pancakeswap: 100,000,000 URAN
  • 10% CoinTiger: 100,000,000 URAN
  • 28% Team and token stabil 398,000,000 URAN
  • 0.2% Airdrop: 2,000,000 URAN
  • 1% Chief developer: 10,000,000 Uran


Frequently Asked Questions

The listing of the URAN token is scheduled for January 2022 on the Pancake Swap exchange. But the token can get into the exchange earlier if all pre-sale tokens are sold. If this happens, the main page of the site will reset the counter and official information will appear in the telegram group, Twitter, and other social networks.

The price of the token when listed on the Pancake Swap exchange will be $ 0.3. This price is due to the fact that the number of tokens is very limited. But this price will rise further, up to $ 70-80 for 1 URAN. Due to the fact that, the project is very active and officially cooperates with the DUSD Network project. And it will be used in the DUSD Poker project as an additional payment coin. Still fresh with the fact that the token will open a platform where people will create their projects.

Uranium token is an officially certified and confirmed token. Another fact is that officially the DUSD Network project is cooperating with our project. This is certified by the roadmap in the DUSD Network project. We do not force anyone to believe us. We prove our transparency by actions. And every day we are improving our project, bringing it to perfection.

Now our platform for creating token projects is in active development. It is scheduled to launch in March 2022, but it could be that the platform will launch after Token Uranium is listed. And after the launch of the platform, tokens gradually starts to grow in price. Because new projects will appear and develop separately and all this will affect the price of the token. At the expense of small commissions that will be used by separate projects for development.

The team and the founder of the URAN token will appear on the website after the listing of the token on the exchange. Also, the information will be displayed on all our social networks.

At the very top of the site and on the accompanying menu, there is an airdrop button. By clicking on this button, you will be taken to the airdrop page. There you can declare the distribution. But remember one thing, the giveaway is very limited to about 2 million Uranium tokens.

And in connection with the pre-sale, you can buy 2000 URAN for 0.01 billion rubles. And hurry up because this amount is also limited to 400 million.




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