URANIUM DIGITAL Terms and Disclaimer

Careful research and due diligence should be made when interacting with projects or networks involved in token sales. The buyer or investor should completely understand that his/her contribution may not result in a valuable or usable token, and the value of such contributions is subject to partial or complete loss of the investment.

Any possession of URANIUM Digital does not grant the user any rights in URANIUM Digital the corporation or its affiliates, including but not limited to any rights of ownership, interest, profit, redemption, property or intellectual property, decision-making, or any other such rights, such as financial or legal rights. URANIUM Digital can be used for protocol and ecosystem governance that has nothing to do with the company or its subsidiaries.

The URANIUM Digital Protocol, which is a completely functional network, uses URANIUM Digital tokens as functional utility tokens. The URANIUM Digital tokens aren’t considered securities. Tokens purchased with BNB are non-refundable. URANIUM Digital tokens are not intended for speculation. URANIUM Digital makes no guarantees about future success or value, including no guarantee of intrinsic value, no guarantee of continued payments, and no guarantee that URANIUM Digital will hold any specific value. URANIUM Digital tokens are not company shares and do not grant any rights to the company. URANIUM Digital tokens are sold as a functional good, and all funds earned by the Company are available for spending without restriction.